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Special Features

Clothing Features

Winter Styling Coordinates

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Naturally, Comfortable.

For Autumn/Winter 2022,  MUJI’s aim is to bring you natural and authentic clothing that feels right, bring joy and can be worn for a long time.

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Autumn Styling Coordinates

Through our styling coordinates, we hope to inspire you with key fall trends to look out for.

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MUJI Flannel

Feel good with flannel.

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Closer to the skin

MUJI made underwear that can be worn comfortably in any daily lifestyle, with a focus on structure, support and smooth texture.

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90° Right Angle Socks

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Daily Essentials Features

Towels You Can Use Everyday

MUJI towels are made of 100% organic cotton which feature high absorbency and a soft texture, making them perfect for daily use.

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Hanger & Laundry Items

Select from our wide range of hangers and laundry items based on your daily laundry and storage habits for a more convenient, hassle-free routine.

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MUJI to Go

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Free Water Refilling Service

To create a better relationship with nature and promote the recycling
of natural resources and reduction of waste, we are introducing our
reusable water bottles and water refilling service.

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Bring Your Own Bag

Start with changes in daily subtle habits, bring your own shopping bags when shopping, and establish a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle.

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Health & Beauty Features

Sensitive Skin Care Series

Gentle on sensitive skin. Provides plenty of moisture and care. Alcohol, fragrance and paraben free.

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Aging Skin Care Series

Provides moisture to skin that is concerned with dryness and firmness.

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Aroma Diffusers

Brighten up your life and soothe your soul with fragrance.

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