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I Have My Bag.

MUJI considers a better relationship between people and nature. 

We are taking measures to reduce the amount of waste on earth. One of them is the reduction of plastic and paper bags that we provide in our stores.

When shopping with MUJI, please help us by bringing your own shopping bags, reuse our brown paper bags or purchase our range of reusable My Bags. They are perfect for the farmer’s market, grocery store, school, beach trips and even home storage purposes.

Through our joint efforts, we will begin to see a change for the better in our world!

Let’s save the environment and bring our own bag!

MUJI, which aims to create a better relationship with nature, will continue to do its best to help recycle the earth’s resources and reduce waste.

From 9th January 2023, we will implement a 20¢ charge for each shopping bag on request. If you require a shopping bag for your purchase, please let our team members at the register know.


Jute My Bag

Our Jute My Bags (available in three sizes) are perfect for the farmer’s market, grocery store, school, beach trips, weekend adventures or simply carrying your daily essentials. Made from sturdy, natural jute that grows in tropical areas with natural rainfall. Reaching full maturity in just six months, it offers a large crop yield, making it one of the most sustainable materials.

Jute My Bag


Organic Cotton My Bag

The bag is made of 100% organic cotton. The compact size and foldable design are convenient for daily use. The design is simple; you can add your favourite embroidery patterns to become your own shopping bag.


Organic Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

The tote bag is made of organic cotton canvas with simple design. There are horizontal, vertical and double handle designs.


Cotton Mesh Storage Bag

A traditional shopping bag originating from France, and is convenient for you to see the contents. It is woven with a thicker cotton rope in a mesh shape and can contain vegetables or fruits. Tough and durable, the mesh bag can be folded when carrying, which reduced the storage space.

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