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Shop functional, compact and innovative storage solutions for your home. Discover MUJI's range of storage and organisation essentials with storage tubs, cases and boxes available for bedrooms, kitchens, laundry and office spaces. We offer products that are packable, stackable and collapsible for you to reduce clutter and cleverly organise your items, from clothing to bathroom accessories. Shop Storage with free shipping available*.

Storage and Organisation Ideas For Home

Finding adequate storage space is always a conundrum, no matter how large or small your home. Our storage range offers multifunctional and innovative solutions for optimising space and minimising clutter. We offer products that are packable, stackable and collapsible and can be utilised for practically anything, from clothes or bathroom accessories to even the tiniest trinkets.

Storage Boxes, Storage Tubs & Clothes Storage Australia

Find your perfect storage match with MUJI's extensive storage range:

Durable & Dependable: Embrace the strength and versatility of polypropylene storage boxes and drawers. Ideal for storing anything from toys and clothes to tools and games, their sturdy design ensures long-lasting organisation. The polypropylene material allows your items to be visible even in storage.

Space-Saving: Maximise your storage capacity with our space-saving solutions like collapsible boxes and stackable tubs. Perfect for seasonal items, out-of-season clothing, or bulky belongings, these options help you utilise every inch of space efficiently.

Convenience: Bring clarity and functionality to your space with our sleek acrylic desktop storage options. These modern containers are ideal for showcasing decorative items, keeping track of office supplies, or neatly storing cosmetics in the bathroom.

Natural Elegance: Add a touch of timeless beauty to your storage with our wooden storage solutions. Perfect for displaying books, organising family heirlooms, or creating a sophisticated feel in your home office, these pieces offer both style and functionality.

Storage Solutions Beyond Boxes: Utilise woven storage baskets for a touch of texture, file boxes for important documents, clothes organisers for a streamlined closet, or shoe storage solutions to keep your footwear collection neat and tidy.


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