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Men's Underwear & Innerwear

Men's Underwear & Innerwear

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Explore our range of Men's Underwear & Innerwear online at MUJI Australia. We have a wide variety of underwear options, including briefs, boxer briefs & trunks. Stay warm in winter with our heat tech innerwear t-shirts, long sleeves & short sleeves, which have been engineered for warmth. Layer with our long johns, tights & leggings for maximum comfort. Shop with free shipping available*.

Men's Underwear, Briefs & Tights Australia

Discover MUJI's premium men's underwear and innovative innerwear range. We offer a variety of styles and technologies to keep you comfortable and confident all year round.

Boxer Briefs & Trunks: Find your perfect balance of support and breathability with our selection of boxer briefs and trunks. Crafted from natural & premium fabrics, these styles offer a comfortable fit for everyday wear and various activities. Our briefs are also great as birthday, Christmas & Father's Day gifts!

Seamless T-Shirts: Experience the ultimate in comfort with our seamless t-shirts. Featuring a smooth, irritation-free design, these tees are perfect for layering under shirts or wearing on their own.

Innerwear: Stay warm and comfortable even in the coldest weather with our heat tech innerwear. This innovative technology uses body heat to generate warmth, keeping you toasty without bulk.

Tights & Long Johns: Conquer the winter chill with our selection of tights and long johns. Made from insulating fabrics with moisture-wicking properties, these base layers keep you warm and dry during any activity.

Find Your Perfect Fit

What Underwear Should You Buy?

Boxer briefs or briefs? We break down the comfort, support, and style differences to help you find the perfect men's underwear for your needs.

Choosing the right underwear is a personal decision, but understanding the key differences between boxer briefs and briefs can help you make an informed choice. Both styles offer unique advantages and cater to different preferences.

Comfort & Support:

Briefs: MUJI Briefs hug the body closely, providing maximum support and a secure fit. Ideal for active lifestyles or those seeking bulge control. However, some might find them restrictive.

Boxer Briefs: MUJI Boxer Briefs offer a blend of support and comfort with a longer leg and a looser fit around the thighs. Perfect for everyday wear and activities requiring freedom of movement.

Fit & Coverage:

Boxer Briefs typically offer more leg coverage compared to briefs, providing a layer of separation and preventing chafing.


Briefs: Made from breathable fabrics like cotton jersey or cotton blends to minimise sweat and discomfort. Consider choosing a seamless option for further comfort.

Boxer Briefs: May use similar breathable materials, but the looser fit allows for better air circulation, especially important for activewear.

Style & Preference:

Briefs: Offer a more traditional, streamlined look that some find aesthetically pleasing. Perfect for showcasing a defined physique.

Boxer Briefs: Provide a more relaxed and comfortable feel, ideal for lounging or everyday wear. Some styles feature a pouch for added comfort and support.

Choosing Your Underwear:

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider these factors:

Activity Level: For intense workouts, briefs offer superior support. Boxer briefs work well for moderate activity or everyday wear.

Fit Preference: Do you prefer a close, secure fit (briefs) or a looser, more relaxed feel (boxer briefs)?

Climate: For hot weather, prioritise breathable fabrics like cotton.

Style: Choose based on your personal aesthetic and desired level of coverage.