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Hangers and laundry supplies

Choose according to your lifestyle

Select from our wide range of hangers and laundry items based on your daily laundry and storage habits for a more convenient, hassle-free routine.

Assortment of Hangers

The width, angle, and size of our hangers are meticulously designed for a smooth user experience. Various styles are available so you can choose the suitable ones that cater to your laundry or storage needs based on the type and size of your clothes.

Aluminium Hanger

Made of lightweight, thin aluminium material, it is space-saving and suitable for hanging multiple number of clothes. The tip of the hook is rounded for enhanced safety during use.

Polypropylene (PP) Hanger

Made of lightweight, easy-to-clean PP material, the hanger is designed with a diagonal slot that allows you to hang your clothe from the neck without stretching its rib.

Wooden Hanger

Made of natural wood, the width of the hanger is carefully designed so the collar and shoulder of your clothe will not be pulled out of shape.

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Storage of laundry supplies

The size and shape of each laundry item can differ a lot. By using PP File Box or PE Storage, you can keep hangers and pegs together neatly. The white gray colour and standard size also help maintain a tidy, clean visual effect.

Efficient storage of laundry items

Efficient storage of laundry items

Lightweight and convenient

The hanger is composed of lightweight aluminium frame and durable polycarbonate pegs. By attaching the Stainless Steel Raisers which are sold separately, the hanger can be used at lower places without letting the clothes to touch the floor.

Lightweight and convenient

Lightweight and convenient


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