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"We wear it every day, so we want it to be more natural."

- MUJI made underwear that is close to such sentiments. You can wear it comfortably in any daily lifestyle, with a focus on structure, support and smooth texture.

Smooth texture without seams

The adhesive finish eliminates sewing, so it does not show through your outerwear and is comfortable against your skin. The cup can be put in and taken out, and you can adjust it to your favorite position.

Complete Seamless Half Top Bra

Fits without constriction while providing great support

Comfortable fit with triangular cups that are wireless and difficult to tighten under. By using adhesive technology and reducing the number of seams, you can enjoy support while reducing stress.

Wireless Molded Bra

Point of Measure

Top bust: the highest part of the chest / 
Under bust: the part just below the bulge of the chest

(1) Prepare

Stand in a relaxed position with your back straight. Make sure the measure is level with the floor.

(2) Measure your underbust

Rotate the tape measure from your back, pass it under your armpits, and cross it in front of your chest. Measure with a strength that feels a little tight.

(3) Measure the top bust

Measure from your armpit over your shoulder blades to the fullest part of your chest. As with the undershirt, cross the measure across your back and under your chest. Measure the top bust softly so as not to crush the curve.

We have shorts that will keep you comfortable on any day .

Stretchy and fits the body moderately

These Smooth MIDI Shorts are made from lyocell, the main ingredient of which is eucalyptus, and are smooth to the touch. It is stretchy, so it's comfortable to wear without being too tight while fitting tightly.

Fabric elastic bands to provide comfort

Boxer type shorts that fit gently and are easy to move. The elastic waist and leg openings are wrapped in fabric, so it is not constricting and is smooth to wear.

*Products mentioned above are available only in store at this stage. Size, colour and style varies between each store.

How to care for underwear


Use a washbowl to rinse away the dirt until the water is clean. Leave it to soak for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash it off to make it easier to remove dirt.


If you are particularly concerned about stains, use an oxygen stain remover. If you apply it directly to a dirty part, it may cause deterioration, therefore rinse it thoroughly before using.


Put it in a laundry net and wash it in the washing machine as usual to protect your intimates.


Dry it inside out to protect material.

A Message from MUJI

What is International Women's Day?

March 8 (Wednesday) is International Women's Day.

It is a day to praise the women's rights movement and appeal for social participation and social advancement so that all women can live in their own way and realize a happy society.

More than half of the customers who visit MUJI are women, and I think this is because we have been supported by many women for a long time. In addition, more than half of the staff who are active in the store and the employees who work at the headquarters are women. 

As the opportunities for women to play an active role are increasing, we, the developers, would like to support women with innerwear that supports their daily lives.

We are developing products every day with the desire to face women's true feelings and worries head-on so that we can provide comfortable and healthy beauty without putting up with it. We will continue to support the realization of a society in which all women can live in their own way. 

- A message from MUJI Headquarters (Japan) Inner Development Team


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