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Zoom Polypropylene Storage Box Wide - Medium
Zoom Polypropylene Storage Box Wide - Medium
Zoom Polypropylene Storage Box Wide - Medium
Zoom Polypropylene Storage Box Wide - Medium
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Polypropylene Storage Box Wide - Medium

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W55cm x D44.5cm x H24cm

ⓘ Shipping restrictions: Minimum order qty of 2 & maximum 4 units per order

Storage is not limited to the aim of packing items, it also helps maintain a comfortable living space by applying storage method flexibly based on different living style. With our PP storage range, you can choose from a variety of sizes and combine them freely to match your usage and living space.

Incorporate storage cases of different height together for easy organization of items from garments to kitchen tools. The translucent material makes it easy to view the contents inside at a glance.

ⓘ Shipping restrictions: Only available for sale in a set of 2. Order quantity must be a multiple of 2. For delivery to NT, please contact us here

W55cm x D44.5cm x H24cm

Body: Polypropylene (uk)/Olefin(us) 100%, Frame: Polystyrene 100%

SKU: 4945247266740

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MUJI Polypropylene Storage

Various sizes are available to fit into different storage spaces and cater different needs, categorised as clothes drawers, drawer cases, wagons and document boxes.

Characteristics of the Polypropylene PP Material

Environmental Friendly and Recyclable

PP material is comparatively easy to recycle with its nature - most of its residue turn into water and carbon dioxide after burning completely. Polypropylene, or PP, is a flexible plastic which can be easily moulded and recycled. It is widely used in making daily-used products such as car bumpers, containers and bottle caps of PET bottles. Being durable and less likely react with moisture and chemicals, PP is suitable for manufacturing storage items. It is the most heat-resistant among all plastic materials.

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Different Usages of MUJI Polypropylene Storage

Perfect for Closets and Wardrobes

By combining storage units of different heights to fit the space inside a closet or wardrobe, you can tidily store all kinds of clothes.

How to Organise

Perfect for Under Beds

Although it is often overlooked, the space under a bed makes an excellent spot for storing larger items due to its length. We will show you how to store items under a bed using a PP storage unit. You can choose from two different heights to match the height of your bed.

Under Bed Storage Set

View items recommended for storage:

PP Storage Box/Wide/Deep/S (w40*d65*h18cm) ×4

Storage Tips

Keep heavy items at the bottom

When storing items of various weights together, you should be mindful where you place heavy items. If you place relatively heavy items like canned food or containers of liquid at the top, when you move the storage unit, its center of gravity will become unstable. Additionally, due to the extra load, the storage unit may even bend.

We suggest to keep heavy items at the bottom.


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