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Materials of MUJI: Natural Wool Knitwear Range

Discover the versatility and warmth of wool with our guide to different wool materials:

Merino Wool:

Known for its softness and fine fibres, Merino wool offers exceptional warmth and breathability, making it perfect for all seasons.

High-Gauge Wool:

With a dense and tightly-knit texture, high-gauge wool provides superior warmth and durability. Thinner knitwear suitable for a range of temperatures.

Mid-Gauge Wool:

Offering a balance between warmth and breathability, mid-gauge wool is versatile and thicker in look and feel. Ideal for warmer temperatures.

Yak Wool:

Renowned for its insulating properties and luxurious feel, yak wool is lightweight yet incredibly warm, making it a premium choice for winter wear.

Milano Wool:

Characterised by its firmness and structure, Milano wool combines the warmth of wool with the practical benefits of polyester, creating garments that are both stylish and functional.

From the softness of Merino wool to the luxurious feel of yak wool, each type of wool offers unique features and benefits, ensuring there's a wool material to suit every need and preference.


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