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Zoom White Porcelain Ramen Multi Bowl
Zoom White Porcelain Ramen Multi Bowl
Zoom White Porcelain Ramen Multi Bowl
Zoom White Porcelain Ramen Multi Bowl
Zoom White Porcelain Ramen Multi Bowl

White Porcelain Ramen Multi Bowl

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A simple white tableware that complements any dish. The white porcelain tableware series is made using Amakusa pottery stone with traditional techniques in Hasami Town, Nagasaki Prefecture. Hasami Town is adjacent to Arita Town, which is famous for Imari ware and Arita ware, and a large number of everyday vessels have been made since ancient times.

The white porcelain series features daily-use vessels with a simple beauty, characterized by a slightly bluish and transparent white tinge.

Approximately 20 cm in diameter x 6.3 cm in diameter

White Porcelain

Heat resistance 150℃

SKU: 4547315581207

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About MUJI's White Porcelain Series

The Origin of MUJI White Porcelain.

MUJI's white porcelain series is crafted in the Hasami area, which produces vessels with a “easy and high-quality life” motto in mind.

Hasami, which is one of the Hizen-darayama district, is located in the northeast of Nagasaki Prefecture, is an inland town surrounded by mountains on all sides and is also in contact with Arita, Saga Prefecture. If you look around the town, you can see chimneys of the kiln everywhere, and it is evident that it isa"pottery town".

Everyday vessels meticulously handcrafted one by one.

MUJI White Porcelain is an exquisite type of pottery handmade by craftsmen in the Hasami area, which is known as a pottery producing area. Amakusa pottery stone is used as a raw material.

A key feature is the slightly bluish and translucent white colour.The craftsmen finished it without painting so that you can enjoy the natural beauty of white porcelain itself everyday.

Championing Your Dishes.

The shape itself is influenced by traditional Japanese tableware, but due to its timeless simplicity, it can be matched with any cuisine. These easy-to-use white porcelain tableware complements and brings out the best in everyday dishes.


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