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Zoom Silk Blend Pile Body Washcloth
Zoom Silk Blend Pile Body Washcloth
Zoom Silk Blend Pile Body Washcloth

Silk Blend Pile Body Washcloth

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Blended with silk which is soft and comfortable to the touch. Used to clean and manually exfoliate the skin in the shower.

18 x 90cm

65% Cotton
35% Silk

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MUJI Towels You Can Use Everyday

Cotton Pile Bath Towel With Further Option - MUJI Australia
A lasting suppleness

MUJI uses long staple, strong cotton threads as material, and considers the weaving and sewing processes to ensure that the towels remain soft even after several washes for comfort.

Towels with further options

Some towels come with lines for cutting, allowing you to reuse them easily for other purposes by cutting the towel into pieces of bath mats or wiping cloths after it is worn out.

Face towels, hand towels bath towels & beach towels
A towel for every purpose, along with different options of thickness, including lightweight, quick-drying & thick.

MUJI Towels are the crowning achievement of a long process that begins in the cotton fields.

Selecting Cotton

The towel’s plushness comes from the thin, long fibres of organic cotton chosen specifically to suit towel fabric. The fabric is more durable when the cotton comes from nutrient-rich cotton and is completely handpicked.

This cotton is carefully plucked by hand from the fall through the winter. These large cotton balls retain their softness when harvested.

Making thread that is strong and supple

Long-fibre cotton creates durable thread even without having to spin it tightly, making it possible to retain the essence of the cotton’s natural softness.

The boll of the cotton is removed and the fibre is elongated with repeated brushing to create a rough string form. After this, the string is spun and further elongated to create thread.

Weaving fabric with resiliency

We weave the fabric from thread that has an ideal balance of weight, density, and pile length. Then we sew the towels one at a time so none will fail the rigorous final inspection.

The woven fabric is washed and dried, and then cut and sewn into towels. Before being shipped out, each one is spread out and inspected.


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