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Zoom Rattan Sticks For Interior Fragrance Oil (180ml)
Zoom Rattan Sticks For Interior Fragrance Oil (180ml)

Rattan Sticks For 180ml Interior Fragrance Oil (6 Pack)

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How to use: Insert sticks into MUJI "Interior Fragrance Oil" (sold separately). You can adjust the scent by adjusting the number of rattan sticks you insert. If the scent fades, turn the rattan stick upside down or replace it with a new rattan stick (sold separately).

Suited for Interior Fragrance oil 180ml
Qty: 6 pcs

Rattan wood

Caution: Potential fire hazard

Due to the nature of the use of this item, do not place near hot surfaces or live fires, due to the potential fire risk from the combustion of essential oils absorbed within the product.

Fragrance oils with a strong colour, can potentially cause stains. To prevent this, ensure both the sticks and the glass container from the fragrance oil are wiped clean after any spillage.

Insert into your MUJI Interior Fragrance Oils
Strength of scent can be adjusted via the quantity of sticks used

If the aroma begins to fade, flip the sticks upside down or insert new Rattan sticks

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