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Zoom Denim Wide Fit Pants
Zoom Denim Wide Fit Pants
Zoom Denim Wide Fit Pants
Zoom Denim Wide Fit Pants
Zoom Denim Wide Fit Pants
Zoom Denim Wide Fit Pants
Zoom Denim Wide Fit Pants
Zoom Denim Wide Fit Pants
Zoom Denim Wide Fit Pants

Denim Wide Fit Jeans

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The jeans that go with everything. These pants are made from organic cotton for a comfortable everyday classic.

Inseam: 29 inches (74cm)

●Colour transfer may occur during use due to friction and when handling while wet.
●This product may transfer colour to white or light coloured underwear or clothing, or to white or light coloured chairs, sofas, car seats, shoes, bags, belts, etc. Wash separately.
●Due to the characteristics of the materials, deformations or twisting may occur.
●Discolouration may occur in light coloured products due to being stored in light or polluted air.
●Due to the manufacturing process, the finished size and colour may vary slightly.


SKU: 4550583256074

Materials of MUJI


Sourced from China-Tibetan Plateau (Qingzang-Plateau)

Yak wool is warmer than Merino wool with a softness comparable to cashmere. We use yak wool grown at high altitudes, where yaks have an extremely fine undercoat that retains heat & a thick outer layer of hair for protection. We combine both to create a yarn that minimises waste & benefits from the characteristics of each material.


Sourced from AU, NZ, France & China-Inner Mongolia

Achieving a “pleasant life”. This is MUJI’s manufacturing approach that considers not only the people who use and make our product, but also the environment and wellbeing of animals. MUJI only sources non-mulesed wool from farmers that use gentle breeding methods and recycled wool to reduce strain on our natural resources.


A warm & durable soft woven fabric

Flannel is a loosely-knit fabric that may be brushed on one or both sides to create extra softness and warmth through a process called napping. This process finishes the fabric by rubbing it with a fine metal brush to raise fine fibres to create a warm texture.

Feather Down

Sourced from Victoria, Australia

For down, we use only feathers reviewed and certified by a third-party organisation to ensure the five freedoms of animal welfare* in the breeding environment. This certifies that the material does not come from birds that have been subjected to any unnecessary harm such as force-feeding or live-plucking.


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