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Made with long, unbleached fibers which make them incredibly soft. Versatile cut cotton type.


165 sheets, 15 x 6.5 x 18.5cm


100% cotton

Care Instructions

Keep this plastic bag out of the reach of children. If you wear it from your head, it may block your mouth and nose and cause suffocation.

Yellow or black spots may be found on the surface or inside of the cotton, but this is a natural cotton husk. There is no problem in use.

After opening, keep it away from dust and dirt.

Do not flush down the toilet after use.

Do not use for non-cosmetic purposes such as putting, facial masks, makeup remover wipes, and nail polish remover.

How To Use

Please apply lotion generously. If the amount is small, it may cause fluffing. As a guide, the cotton should be translucent.

Place it horizontally on your middle and ring fingers, hold it firmly with your index and little fingers, and gently blend it in the direction of the arrow.

A cotton mask soaked in plenty of lotion is effective for areas where you want intensive care.


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