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"Make it a MUJI Christmas."

Christmas is a time for celebration of gratitude and all the good things. It is about the love, peace, and joy that we share with our family and friends that make this season so special.

There are so many reasons to be happy at this time of year. Celebrate this festive season with MUJI’s range of simple, well-designed and functional products.

Bringing the Best of Natural Materials,

Natural Tableware

Serve food in style with our range of dishware including dinnerware and tableware. From hand-carved acacia plates to classic white porcelain bowls, you are sure to find a design that compliments your festive style.

Living Naturally

The unique texture of linen and cotton reveals after pre-washing process. The softness of our Spring/Summer fabrics provides a comfortable touch to skin.

Wearing Naturally

Knowing that people many centuries ago wore linen clothes, slept on linen bedding, and used linen tablecloths is somehow reassuring. It creates a sense of continuity in all of us.

Most MUJI linen clothing has been manufactured with 100% pure linen. One can feel the pureness of linen against their skin. Our linen clothes are perfect for everyone.


Festive Gift Sets

Inspired by MUJI’s relationship with nature…

Abstract, layered hues of our beautiful Australian landscape against - “Seigaiha” - a traditional Japanese wave pattern to evoke a harmony of celebration between two cultures, now and then.

An excess of packaging gets produced and discarded every day. Besides the graceful surroundings of our land as a source of inspiration, we take the life cycle of this packaging into account.

We encourage you and your loved ones to reuse this gift box to hold and preserve your treasured items.

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Gift Set Design "Nature" Philosophy

Red Desert

Australia is one of the driest inhabited continent in the world (besides Antarctica). Our desert landscapes feature sand dunes, rock formations, grass lands, trees and a deep red outback where the spirit of Australia is palpable.

Coastal Blue

Unspoilt yet accessible, Australia’s coastline is home to some dramatic sea cliffs, long winding costal roads and some beautiful beaches.

Evergreen Forest

Australia is home to many extraordinary forests including mangrove, eucalypt, acacia and rainforests. These forests offer a vast array of different landscapes which help to give Australia it’s truly unique landscape.

Road Less Travelled

Stunningly beautiful and blissfully quiet with picturesque landscapes, expect to see everything from vast grassy plains, remote cattle stations and ancient rock formations to peaceful creeks during a drive through the country.

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