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“Every Moment, A Fresh Beginning.”

Take a step forward and start anew.

No matter who you are, no matter what your lifestyle is. MUJI is comfortably by your side.
We provide items to help start anew, to feel more yourself, to feel more at home.

The emphasis of MUJI and our relationship with Nature - If we look back at how much planet Earth has provided for us, we will soon realize our full appreciation and responsibility in return. It is important to give back. Giving is good for us and assisting the ecosystem could help our planet give back for many more years to come.

Give back to nature and it will take care of us.

Sustainability at MUJI

Raw Material Procurement

The tools and clothing that we see around us were first developed when humans evolved to bipedalism and when they used objects in the natural world with ingenuity to protect themselves from harsh natural conditions and beasts. We have been ensuring safety and convenience by utilizing animals and plants as raw materials and forming them into clothes to wear and utensils for eating. Natural materials such as cotton, linen, and wool that have supported our lives since then have functions of helping humans who have lived in contact with nature.

Following in the steps of our ancestors, MUJI promotes manufacturing that makes the best use of the original functions of these natural materials. We are working to select raw materials that are collected and cultivated in a way that does not impose an excessive burden on the earth, animals and plants, and producers.

Moreover, as the primary raw materials, we use those that can be traced back to the production area as much as possible, and above all, we actually visit the production areas to check with our own eyes the conditions of collection/cultivation sites of major raw materials and the lives of producers.

We will continue to strive to procure raw materials in consideration of those who use them, those who make them, and approaches to engaging with nature.

Manufacturing that benefits both the environment and society

With the goal of sustainable cotton production that benefits both the environment and the producers, MUJI has taken initiatives to increase the ratio of our products that use organic cotton for more than 20 years.

MUJI Cotton

We want to spread the practice of growing organic cotton which benefits both the environment and its producers. To achieve that dream, we will donate 2 organic cotton seeds to producers in India for every T-shirt that we sell.

Ladies' T-Shirts & Tops