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Bringing You a Relaxing Break

MUJI Beads Sofa

Our Beads Sofa is freely deformable according to the shape of relaxation. You can carry it wherever you like and use it horizontally as a sofa, or vertically to stretch your whole body and lie down.

You can also change the cover according to your room. Place a Beads Sofa in your living room, bedroom or workplace and enjoy a relaxing break at any time.

When used horizontally

Wraps from shoulders to waist for a soft support so you can sit on it comfortably for reading or watching TV.

When used vertically 

The material stretches out to naturally support your whole body for enhanced support when you lie down for a nap.

Choice of cover colour

You can change the cover according to your room and mood.If the cover gets dirty, you can easily wash it in your washing machine at home.

*The sofa and main unit cannot be washed.
*Cannot be used by itself.Be sure to use it together with the cover.
*The cover may shrink slightly after washing.

Can be used for a long time

Safe and durable

The fine particle beads used in the main body are produced in Japan exclusively for this product. Manufactured under strict quality standards, it is highly safe and resistant to fatigue.

Improved durability

For the fabric on the main body, we have improved the quality by reviewing the specifications of polyester fiber to solve the problem of "settling" that occurs due to repeated use and yellowing peculiar to polyurethane.

Easy Replenishment of Cushioning Support

We sell a "replenishment cushion" that allows you to add microbeads when it is worn out. By inserting it into Beads Sofa, it can quickly replenish the cushioning support that has been lost over time without the need to replace the entire Beads Sofa.

Beads Sofa

Bringing you a relaxing break.


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