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Tips for Wearing and Caring for Knitwear

MUJI offers a great range of warm knits that you will want to wear every day when the cold season arrives.

We thought about how to wear it and how to care for it so that you can always wear it cleanly and comfortably for a long time.
Even if you wear your favorite knitwear with care, it will inevitably get pilling due to friction against your outerwear as you continue to wear it. As soon as you take it off, make a habit of brushing it quickly and checking for pilling on the spot.

If a soft ball that has just started to appear, you can use a clothes brush to smooth the surface and blend it in, or remove it. Cut off hardened pills with scissors or a pill remover from the base so as not to damage the fabric.
The inside of the sleeves and sides of the torso rub against each other, and around the hem, which often rubs against the outerwear, are areas where pilling is particularly likely to occur.

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