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Zoom Reusable Mask - Medium
Zoom Reusable Mask - Medium
Zoom Reusable Mask - Medium
Zoom Reusable Mask - Medium
Zoom Reusable Mask - Medium
Zoom Reusable Mask - Medium
Zoom Reusable Mask - Medium
Zoom Reusable Mask - Medium

Reusable Mask - Medium

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A face mask that is made of elastic and skin-friendly material.

Approximately 150 x 130 mm

65% Polyester, 35% Polyurethane

Masks do not completely prevent infection (invasion).

Do not use for infants, those with respiratory problems, or those who are physically handicapped and difficult to put on and take off.

Be careful when driving a car as your glasses may become cloudy.

Should you observe any abnormalities on your skin or feel unwell, discontinue use.

Cannot be used in places where harmful dust or gas is generated.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not use near fire.

The main body side fabric uses urethane thread with good elasticity to improve the fit with the body, but due to the characteristics of urethane thread, the elasticity and the strength of the fabric will decrease with use. Please use it in a place exposed to direct sunlight or away from a heat source.

If sweat or moisture accumulates inside, or if you continue to use it with sebum, cosmetics, hand cream, etc. attached, deterioration may be accelerated. In particular, deterioration is accelerated when exposed to ultraviolet rays from direct sunlight or when heat is applied while sweat is attached. If deterioration is accelerated, the fabric will become thinner and the urethane thread will break and become powdery.

Washing durability: Approximately 50 times (in the case of hand washing). * Based on in-house test results. Do not wash with other items.

Wash by hand with lukewarm water at about 40 ° C and a neutral detergent.

Do not use bleach or detergents containing these ingredients.

Please arrange the shape and dry it in the shade in a well-ventilated place.

Do not use an iron. Do not use a washing machine or dehydrator.

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