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Zoom Linen Cloth Line - Ecru & Black
Zoom Linen Cloth Line - Ecru & Black
Zoom Linen Cloth Line - Ecru & Black

Linen Cloth Line - Ecru & Black

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A thick kitchen cloth made of linen. Due to its large size, it is a convenient size for wiping dishes or as a general cover for food. A handle is attached so that it can be hooked and stored.




Body: 100% Linen
String: 80% Cotton, 20% Linen

Care Instructions

When new, it is difficult to absorb water, so wash it with water before use.

Dark-coloured products may transfer colour due to friction during use. In particular, please note that colour transfer may occur if you use the product when it is wet with sweat or moisture.

When washing or cleaning, the colour may fade or stain, so wash separately from other items.

Due to the characteristics of the material, fluff may be disturbed, pills may occur, or fluff may adhere to other objects.

Due to the characteristics of the material, debris from the raw material plant is mixed. Please note that light-coloured products may look like stains.

Please note that due to the characteristics of the material, there may be uneven weaving, knots, and slight colour differences.

Fluffing occurs when rubbed with strong friction or when rubbed in a wet state. Also, please note that the fluffy part of dark-coloured products may look whitish.

Due to the characteristics of the material, hard fibres are mixed in, so do not use it for fragile items such as cameras, eyeglass lenses, and liquid crystal displays.

Do not use detergents containing optical brighteners on light-coloured products.

Please use the washing net when washing.


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