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Glass Preserving Jar (4L)

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One can use our Glass Preserving Jars to infuse marinated fruits for an array of natural vinegar syrup, Create a refreshing drink suitable for all seasons especially summer when mixed with still or sparkling water.

About MUJI's Glass Preserving Jars

Homemade Summer Liquor

Create homemade fruit liquor that preserves in time. Add sake and a little rock candy, then add seasonal fruits and herbs and rest in the jar.

Can Be Sealed And Easy To Open

The fruit liquor bottle comes with a silicone sealant. When making fruit liquor and preserved foods, the contents ferment or cool. When fermented, the internal pressure inside the container increases, and when the hook is removed, the lid opens vigorously. On the contrary, when it gets cold, the internal pressure drops and the lid cannot be opened. To solve this, pull the tongue of the sealant to create an air passage. By releasing the pressure inside the container, it can be opened safely.


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