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"The Autumn Way of Life."

With red and yellow leaves slowly gracing our pathways and sunny skies starting to cool into crisp fresh air, it can only mean one thing… Autumn is finally here! And it’s time to get cozy and warm. Stepping into autumn, MUJI brings you a wide array of flannel wear, household items and personal care, catering for your daily needs on pleasant autumn days.


Men's & Ladies' Flannel Wear

Stay warm in the breezy days of autumn with MUJI’s Flannel Wear. The series has a gentle and comfortable touch and it is one of the wardrobe essentials for this season. Available in different styles,fFlannel item can be worn alone or layered with other garments. Pair it with denim or xhino bottoms made with stretchable materials for an enhanced comfort in your daily outfit, be it a young casual look or city smart look.



Autumn Skin Care

As the weather turns cool and dry, keeping skin moisturised becomes crucial. Choose a suitable skin care series based on skin type and texture preference, and gently moisturise the skin affected by dryness and seasonal change for maintaining a healthy skin condition.

MUJI Sensitive Skincare series gentle cares for sensitive skin easily irritated by dryness and stress while restoring skin into a moist and healthy condition.


Home Fragrance

MUJI’s Aroma Diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to vaporise water and the essential oil in the tank to produce a cool, dry, fragrant mist, allowing you to enjoy the natural aroma from the nature.

MUJI’s Essential Oils are 100% extracted from plants and fruits carefully selected from all over the world. The gloomy and cool weather accompanied by shorter day time in autumn may make us feel tired and depressed easily. Essential oils with woody note such as Cedarwood, Japanese Cypress and Tea Tree can help lift up your mood.


Home Storage

When tidying up summer clothes to make room for autumn clothes, keep only those that are often worn and versatile enough for easy mix and match with other garment items, then store them in different storage boxes with corresponding labelling, and place the storage boxes on the top or bottom of your wardrobe. This can help keep your wardrobe well organised so that you can always look for the garment you want easily.

Designed in standardised modular size, MUJI’s PP Storage Items are made to be stackable so that you can store more and keep your belongings in an organised way. The semi-transparent PP material enables you to figure out what’s inside easily, and allows the storage boxes to blend in your living space harmoniously.

*Please note that Polypropylene Storage series is only available for "Click & Collect" at MUJI Chadstone at this stage.


Cook with Family

It seems to be the nature of the Autumn season- days become shorter, colder and our appetites change as well. As fall gets underway, we start to crave cozy, heartier, meatier, comfort food recipes, warming to both body and soul. To evoke a sense of enjoyment in cooking and making sweets, MUJI has created a range of cookware is easy to work with and care for. Gather your loved ones around the dining table for a lovely warm meal.


Create Your Own Fruit Syrup or Pickled Vegetables

One can use our Glass Preserving Jars to infuse marinated fruits for an array of natural vinegar syrup or fruit liquor. Create a refreshing drink suitable for all seasons especially summer when mixed with still or sparkling water. Here are some recipes you can create with loved ones at home.

Preserved Food Recipe Book


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