"Spring, Created by Nature."

Spring shows us that life is truly a constant beginning, a constant opportunity, a constant springtime. Take advantage of the day and the opportunities that spring can bring.

Drawing natural fabrics, simple design and neutral colours together, MUJI introduces a series of comfortable and durable daily wear items supporting a neutral yet versatile coordination for different occasions and unpredictable weather. As spring commences, enjoy the comfort brought by natural materials such as organic cotton and linen, simply by coordinating with compatible weather-proof garments.

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The fibers of linen, made from the flax plant, are said to be especially strong compared to other natural fibers. One of its properties is its increase in fiber strength when it gets wet.

We hope you will enjoy seeing the changes to its deep, soft texture as you wash and use it.


Cotton production consumes as much as 1/4 of all pesticides used globally. This goes to show how time-consuming and labor-intensive cotton production is. As a result, large quantities of pesticides accumulate in the soil, impacting the producers, the people living nearby, and the flora and fauna.

MUJI's uses organic cotton grown on land that has been free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers for at least 3 years.


A blend of delicate downy hair of yaks with shiny merino wool of similar fiber thickness brings a smooth texture.

Among all colours available, dark mocha brown items are made directly using the original colour of natural yak hair. Items in other colours are made through dyeing process, while retaining most of its underlying original colour.

This allows features of natural materials to be shown in their original form, and echoes to the core principles of MUJI's product development.

Australian Down

*Certified with Responsible Down Standard (RDS)

We select raw materials for our products with utmost care. We care about environment, health and safety, and needless to say, about animal welfare conditions.

For the Australian down jackets launched in the autumn-winter season 2018, we use only the feathers certified by a responsible independent organization. This means that five freedoms of animal welfare* are met, and the material does not come from birds that have been subjected to any unnecessary harm such as force-feeding or live-plucking. We search for the best not only for functionality but also for our customers, suppliers and nature.

Five freedoms of animal welfare are: (1) Freedom from hunger and thirst, (2) Freedom from discomfort, (3) Freedom from pain, injury or disease, (4) Freedom to express normal behaviour, and (5) Freedom from fear and distress (quoted from Farm Animal Welfare Council, UK)

Styling Coordinates

Taking a break at home can be just as relaxing as spending time outdoors. Relaxing at home achieves the same mental and physical health benefits as a day outdoors. As you shake off Winter and prepare for the Spring season, it is a great time to pick back up on your healthy living goals. Do all the best things for your body - Regulate your sleep schedule, pamper yourself, eat at regular intervals, hydrate frequently and give your mind a break. 

Cook & Eat Well.

Cook healthy & delicious meals for family and friends.

MUJI Frying Pans have great thermal conductivity which brings out ingredients' delicious flavors and crispy texture. Easy to maintain and can be used for a long time. The better you care for it, the easier it is to use and the longer it will last.

Protect your garments and maintain hygiene during cooking.

Prevent inner clothes from dust, dirt, spills and debris during cooking, serving or cleaning Our linen aprons protect your clothes and acts as a protective barrier.

Highlight your food on the dining table.

Our simple yet elegant White Porcelain tableware brings out the best in all dishes and goes well with all types of cuisine. Translucent Amakusa stones are ground into powder and kneaded into clay, then finished into white porcelain with traditional Japanese techniques.

Eat well on-the-go

Serves as a storage container and a lunch box, MUJI lunch boxes can hold and store a variety of meals including soups. Its ability to tolerate cold temperatures deems fit for refrigerator storage; while the rectangular series with a valve is microwave-safe. Caters to different needs making lunchtime mess-free.

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