Lunar New Year

Usher in the new year with quality goods. MUJI offers a wide range of garment, household and wellness products for you and your loved ones in preparation for Lunar New Year.

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Clean & prepare for the New Year.

Clean every corner of the house, sweep away the dust. This is meant to sweep the misfortune away from the house, say farewell to the year and welcome good fortune for the coming year.

After this thoroughly clean, the house will not be cleaned during the beginning of Chinese New Year as this might cause good fortune to be swept away.

Refresh Your Wardrobe

It is a tradition to buy new clothes before the New Year to wear during the festival, because it symbolises a new start for the new year. Ideally, everything you wear from head to toe should be a new purchase.

Men's and Ladies' Fashion

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A Time for Love and Cheer

On this day, families will enjoy a big feast of reunion dinner that brings everyone around the dinner table.

Elderly people and parents of the family will give red envelopes to kids. They will stay up late and light fireworks to countdown and welcome the New Year coming.




Moving for university or school is one of the big steps in life and it can be overwhelming. To help make the move easier, MUJI has curated a pack of essentials. Students can stand a chance to win a set each!

Simply follow the steps below to stand a chance to win.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Supplies Needed

  • Red A4 or Letter size paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • White glue

Step 1 - Print out the template.

Print out the red envelope template on red A4 or letter size cardstock.

Step 2 - Cut out the template.

Cut out the template.

Step 3 - Fold along the inside lines.

Fold along the four inside lines. Unfold.

Step 4 - Fold side slip flap towards the center.

With the creases in place, you are now ready to glue the flaps together to form an envelope. First, fold side slip flap towards the center.

Step 5 - Apply glue on side slim flap

Next, Apply glue on side slim flap.

Step 6 - Glue together.

Bring large flap with slit cutting over to slide slim flap. Press on the glued edge to join the two flaps together.

Step 7 - Fold and glue bottom flap.

Fold and glue bottom flap it in place. Leave the top flap open. This is where the money should be put into the envelope.


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