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MUJI Interior Case Studies

We would like to introduce case studies of individuals and dwellings that incorporates MUJI storage furniture and supplies to create a pleasant living life.

Discover how MUJI can help you transform your space with furniture and storage solutions that not only maximises limited space but truly express who you are, so that you can experience a pleasant living.

Case Study 01.

To live in this place full with love.

Living individually, type of dwelling: mansion

The individual wants to feel the vibrant and colourful atmosphere of the city even when he spends time at home, incorporating all of his favourite things in the space againse the backdrop of the city.

Why did you choose your current home?

I like this city, which is full of things I like. It is soothing to see people gathering, residents and pets relaxing on the benches of the city, lined with general stores, florists and cafes. I can live not only in my house but also in the city. This city, where the scenery changes every day, is very fun just to take a walk. The house is in a good location, and the interior is decorated with a light blue accent paint.

Please tell us what kind of house you wanted to live in

The pandemic has spread all over the world, and the word "home time" has definitely extended. I myself have refrained from going out, and I have less chance to enjoy my favourite city. Therefore, I wanted to feel the vibrant and colourful atmosphere of the city while spending time at home, and I also wanted to make the room fun and calm by sprinkling colours through the simple furniture and miscellaneous belongings.

Also, growing greens and flowers creates a rhythm in my life. Waking up in the morning, feeling their growth through nurturing while brewing coffee brings a delightful mindfulness to the otherwise monotonous days.

Please tell me your favourite spot in your place.

I like the corner of the room where I collect my favourite things, mainly the guitar. Just looking at "music," "books," "art," "flowers," etc. makes me excited. My hobby involves playing the guitar. When I play it here, it feels like I'm surrounded by a lot of meaning and it is a lot of fun.

Please provide some recommendations of the MUJI products you are using.

The "Stainless Unit Shelf" is a furniture that is flexible and caters to many facets of my life. For example, I have used it as my wardrobe to my desk, as my laundry shelves to my kitchen shelves several times since I bought it, and every time I move, I am changing the usage. 

This shelf is made of modules based on the "shaku" used in Japanese houses, so it fits perfectly in any floor plan and has the perfect storage items inside. It has the versatility that can be used for a long time and also a seamless. discreet appearance.

Are there any improvements you would life for your space in the future?

I want to re-arrange the contents of the storage. I am conscious of "frequency of use", "category", "living styles", etc. First of all, instead of trying to get rid of them all at once, do it reasonably according to your own pace.

Case Study 02.

In a simple and natural space with storage in mind.

Family of 4, type of dwelling: detached house

When I moved to my new home, I consulted with MUJI so I can change the furniture to match the changes according to my child's growth. I love the atmosphere of MUJI, and my desire is to create a living-dining room that is bright and natural for my family to spend their time calmly.

The individual was worried that the black panel of the kitchen island is too striking so MUJI proposed to incorporate the same colour into the legs of the dining table and chairs placed in front of it. By connecting the colours to create an accent, the overall colour is balanced and the space feels natural.

The family is also worried that there are many belongings, so they want to create a sense of unity and make storage more accessible. For this, depending on the storage location, items such as file boxes, polypropylene cases, and overlapping rattan baskets are used. to create a clean, seamless storage space.

Case Study 03.

Spend the time you cherish comfortably.

Living individually, type of dwelling: mansion

Cooking, brewing coffee, inviting people - The individual is particular about how to make their precious time comfortable.

Why did you choose your current home?

When I was looking for a space to move into, I found this home that introduces natural sunlight and a spacious kitchen. I really liked the textural juxaposition of the concrete wall and the solid wood floor, so I decided immediately.

Please tell us what kind of house you wanted to live in

I often go to cafes on holidays, therefore I incorporate such elements that I find pleasant into my room - how to decorate plants and accessories, combinations of materials and colours, music played there, etc. 

By incorporating each of these elements, I created my own cozy space. Among them, simple and universal MUJI items serve as a background for living and bring out the best in materials. I feel that tasteful belongings of the creator can be enhanced by combining with MUJI products.

Please tell me the MUJI items you have at home.

It is a Stacking Shelf used as a cupboard. If you consider that simply storing things neatly is not the only form of storage, and if you choose to display them, it will be the main character of the interior. 

The artist's vessels are all different in size and shape, but the square grid on the stacking shelves gives the impression of a gallery. Not only the bowls, but also the tools for enjoying food and coffee, the furniture and frames attached to the walls add playfulness, and it becomes a place where you can enjoy your favorite things at home.

A Stacking Shelf is installed next to the entrance as a partition. Since it is an open type and you can see it through the back, it creates refreshness and suppress the feeling of oppression. The point is to create a reasonable separation without placing too many things. in-between. The books displayed are also arranged according to the genre and size.

Please provide some recommendations of the MUJI products you are actually using.

A Stainless Unit Shelf (SUS) that was used as a wardrobe in the old house. I added compatible parts and re-configured it, one for the closet and the other for storage of cooking utensils under the kitchen sink. The high versatility allows you to continue using even if your lifestyle changes.

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Using old furniture, greens and art are displayed in the entrance and in the corner of the room.

Please tell us your particulars and points about your home.

Even in a compact space, we have devised ways to make it comfortable. The colors of the entire room are coordinated mainly in gray and white to match the interior. By putting together a color that suppresses the tone as a whole, it gives a neat and calm impression. The impression of the room changes greatly depending on the color used. In addition, in order to make the room feel the depth, plants are placed diagonally from the entrance to guide the line of sight to the back.

Even a small space in the room is studded with my favorite things such as paintings and figurines.

Case Study 04.

A house where the wind, light, and all family members can feel close to each other.

Family of 4, type of dewelling: detached house

"I like the atmosphere of Shonan, which is neither urban nor rural, and decided to live permanently in this area with lots of greenery and close to the sea," says MUJI's staff.

The protagonist of the entrance is a large green placed in the dirt floor. Gently captures the light from the window.

Many of our homes, including kitchens, have built-in furniture, but since they are made to meet the standard dimensions of "26 and 37" for MUJI storage products, they can fit neatly even with storage products made of different materials.

The storage of the living space is also a built-in furniture made so that MUJI's storage items fit perfectly.

Movable shelves installed in the empty space above the washing machine and storage shelves in the kitchen are also made in a size that fits MUJI storage items.

Please tell us your recommendations for the MUJI products you are actually using.

Steel unit shelves, storage items, and wooden bed frames.
The bed frame was attracted to the removable legs and the slatted wood springs. Two children are still small and often fall off the bed, but the height is low so you can rest assured.

MUJI Steel Steel Unit shelves and storage items are highly versatile, and it is recommended that they can be disassembled and used in different combinations.

"In the future, I would like to create a wall in this place and make it a room for two children. At that time, I would like to dismantle this steel unit shelf and rearrange it to suit other rooms."

MUJI's storage furniture is modularized, and the same wood cabinets as the shelves of the unit shelves have the same depth, so they can be combined exactly. The inside of the cotton linen polyester soft box is partitioned with a non-woven fabric case to create division to store belongings separately.

A storage shelf that holds toys in the playroom on the 1st floor. In the future, the individual plans to use it as a learning desk for two children.

Please tell me the importance of organising and storing.

When I built this house, I decided not to make a closet because I thought that if I put it in the door, it will close off the space.

By editing all the things that your family has, you can reduce wasteful shopping and gradually understand the appropriate amount of things. Also, create storage that all family members understand including young children.

Case Study 05.

With a storage idea that considers your current lifestyles, you can make your life even more comfortable.

Family of 5, type of dwelling: detached house

A husband who lives here has been a fan of MUJI since he was a student - "The paper tube rack I bought at that time is still used in my bedroom. I have been using MUJI products for a long time."

When moving to a new house, the family introduced a large dining table that complements the wood grain of MUJI stacking shelves to create a warm harmony within the space.

Stacking Shelves are lined up low to avoide a sense of oppression to the room. The 2 shelves by x8 rows of shelves have sufficient storage capacity for all family members.

The shelves are contained with polypropylene cases and file boxes are that are organized by item type and owner. Considering the frequency of visitors, we added rattan baskets and so we can hide items as quickly as possible. Instead of hiding everything, children's books are usually placed so that they can easily retrieve.

This case contains medicines whilst the other is for stationery. Polystyrene dividers are useful for organizing drawers. Since it can be flexible, adjust it according to the size you want to partition, and use it in combination with the groove of the partition.

Label with stickers so that the contents of the drawer are easy for anyone in the family to understand .Items used by children are labeled also labelled so that they can help with tidying.

The layout of the kitchen Stainless Steel Unit Shelves (SUS) has also been reviewed in consideration of the flow of household affairs. If you use a rattan basket and store it for breakfast-related or snack-related purposes, you can prepare by simply taking out one basket when you use it.

Utilise gaps in the shelves to store small items around the kitchen such as food wraps and tea towels.Use MUJI Acrylic Partition Stand to create a storage space that is visible and easy to retrieve items .

Case Study 06.

Japanese-style room with sofa & stacking shelf.

Couple, type of dwelling: mansion

As the individual has said, "I have been using MUJI products for a long time because I do not get tired of them."

The living room with the sofa on the tatami mat is a relaxing space where one can relax in various ways, whether it is on the sofa or the floor.

Coordinate the storage inside the Stacking Shelf with compatible drawers and rattan baskets to create a natural and harmonise aesthetic. Use personal belongings such as toys or books to add a pop of colour. Books are also stored by owner using a translucent Polypropylene File Box for easy retrieval.

CDs are stored in stacking chests and drawers. MUJI has a lineup of 3 types with different drawer sizes, so one can choose according to wha tthey want to store.

Due to MUJI's standard modular dimensions, the rectangular rattan baskets also fit snugly on the stacking shelf.

The dining set is a combination of a solid oak table and lightweight chairs that is suitable for all family members.

At the entrance, one can use and oak cabinet as a shoe rack. In addition to storing it on the shelves, once can also put sandals or room slippers that they use often under the shelves.

Case Study 07.

Full of storage ideas in various parts of the room.

Family of 3, type of dwelling: detached house.

Since the wife is an avid green thumb, there are various plants everywhere in the house. Many of the furniture other than MUJI make use of wood; the rooms surrounded by natural wood texture and fresh green creates a cosy space that makes one forget the passage of time.

Image at the time of proposal by 3D simulator, provided by MUJI to the homeowners.

The Stacking Shelf installed in the living room stores books of the husband's hobbies. MUJI proposed to use tracing paper as a book cover in response to the request of the wife, "I'm a little reluctant to put a book with a strong color in the living room."

With translucent tracing paper, they can easily identify the type of book and minimise colour contradiction.

A Stacking Shelf is also installed in the child's study space set up in a corner of the living room.

"In the future, when setting up an independent children's room, I chose the stacking shelf because it can be changed depending on the items to be stored and the installation location." - the homeowners.

The kitchen uses Stainless Steel Unit Shelves to efficiently store tableware, cutlery, food items, and more.

Within the wire storage basket , we propose a storage method using a non-woven fabric partition (height can be adjusted) and polypropylene storage boxes. It is now easy to take out things and use.

Utilising the attracting force of magenet, the towel hanger and hook is ideal for storing cooking utensils.

MUJI wall furniture hooks are used as a storage for the husband's fishing equipment. The used fishing rod looks like a beautiful antique when on display..

In the bedroom, a wall furniture shelf is installed on the bedside to reduce the need of a side table.

In the washroom, the homeowners used our range of wall furniture and mirrors. The two mirrors installed are according to the eye levels of an adult and child for easy access.

Colorful paints pigments stores in vintage glass canisters are lined up in the atelier space. The homeowners used to store it in a drawer, but they longed to show it side by side with the usage of MUJI wall furniture shelving.

Case Study 08.

As furniture changes, so does the style of living.

Family of 6, type of dwelling: detached house.

"As my child grew up, my family was less likely to meet each other, so I wanted to set up a new place for my family to gather."

In response to such a request, MUJI proposes our Living Dining series that can be used both in the living room and the dining room. After the installation of the new furniture, the lifestyle of the family has changed positively, allowing everyone to gather around.

The homeowners' space prior to incorporating MUJI storage furniture and supplies.

With limited space, the living dining series' sofa chair can be used in the living room or in the dining room.

A solid wood desk installed by the window for the child's study or when working from home is a good way to combine nature and productivity.

Wall furniture are installed according to the gradual alignmenr of the stairs to display loved belongings.

Case Study 09.

Living low where you can always be close to your dog

Couple, type of dwelling: mansion

The homeowners have always liked MUJI Living Dining series that can be used in both the living room and dining room, and they always wanted it in their home.

When they moved, they wanted the room centered around this furniture - "Since we live with our dog, the furniture set is more convenient than we had imagined due to the lower level. We can eat, fold the laundry, or relax while watching TV. We spend a lot of time sitting here.

The homeowners use a Stacking Shelf as a television stand, added stacking shelf cabinets to hide personal items and use acrylic frames creatively to display photos.

A 3 rows by 3 columns Stacking Shelf is used to store items. Placing walnut furniture in a room with bright floors and walls will accentuate it.

Wall furniture can be attached to walls along entrance way. By using the wall, one can effectively use the limited space available.

Case Study 10.

A comfortable space that does not feel enclosed even without opening windows.

A family living in a renovated condominium.

Since it is situated on the 12th floor, the homeowners wanted a comfortable space plan that does not feel closed even if they leave the window unopened.

MUJI Polypropylene Cases fit perfectly within the storage cavity of the custom kitchen. This allows family members to store an array of kitchen and pantry essentials.

Once can attach casters to the base of the Stainless Steel Unit Shelf (SUS) wagon. Once can wheel it conveniently whereever required and stores neatly when not in use.

There is also a storage space in the bedroom that is used wisely with Polypropylene Storage Cases.


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