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“Live in Flannel”

From day to night.


To take you through your everyday lives; a journey from day to night with MUJI flannel as the series is suitable 24/7. Encouraging individuals to regard our flannel garments as capsule pieces; allowing them to mix, match, and layer to create looks for different timing, occasions and locations.

Soft and Fluffy Texture

By brushing both sides of natural cotton, a soft and fluffy shirt was created.

Warm From The Moment You Wear It

With the double brushed fabric that is excellent at retaining heat. You can feel the warmth as soon as you put it on.

Non-Itchy Feel

The soft double brushed cotton flannel is also used to make other clothing such as pajamas, as well as bedding.


MUJI wear

MUJI wear is MUJI wear. Clothes that the person can keep in their daily lives. MUJI wear is clothes that you can feel comfortable with. Happy and sad, and usually not special. I want to cherish the clothes that can be used near such "everyday".

MUJI places the utmost importance on materials and shapes that do not interfere with the wearer's own feelings.

Shop the look

Shop the look

Flannel for Daily Living

Introducing the lifestyles of those who love MUJI flannel.

The Charm of Flannel Pajamas

The Charm of Flannel Shirts


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