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MUJI | Daily Goods

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Australia is an incredibly diverse country and is home to so many different wonderful cultures and communities. There is something truly unique that links everyone together here a one of a kind shared spirit, mateship, attitude that is the Australian
way of life.

Through regular sharing of daily goods suggestions based on “Daily Wear” and “Daily Living”, the two fundamental aspects of everyday life, MUJI aims to bring a more convenient daily shopping experience to customers for a comfortable life.

Available in-store and selected range online.

Less-Itchy Turtleneck Sweater

Our Less Itchy Turtleneck Sweaters are designed with an organic cotton blend for the neck to avoid any discomfort and itchiness. They are lightweight, perfectly layerable for all autumn-winter styling.

Down Outerwear

MUJI uses Australian down, with a fill power of 750, and certified by the responsible down standard. It traps heat within the clothing and combines lightness with warmth. Fill power is a unit that measures the fluffiness of down. The higher this value, the better the insulation capabilities, resulting in higher quality, warmer down. There is a waterproof option for those rainy days too!

Flannel Shirt

With appropriate thickness andunderwent brushed processing on both sides, MUJI's Flannel Wear is durable for comfort that lasts.
Simply wear it on its own or as an outerfor your daily coordination in autumn and winter.

Right-Angle Socks

MUJI Right-Angle Socks are designed for comfort. As both baby and adult, our heel forms a right angle hence the socks are shaped to the natural contour of your foot. Our socks stay up and hold firm without being too tight. We want to share the added comfort that comes from just 30º difference.

The quest for our right-angle socks began with many years of research and refinement. Today, all MUJI socks are at right angles.

30% OFF
50% OFF
30% OFF

Light Toning Water

Our Light Toning Water series uses natural water from Kamaishi City in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. The lightweight yet highly-moisturising liquid protects and fully hydrates sensitive skin that is prone to drying.

Pair it with our cut cotton pads or compatible pump/spray heads and moisturise at your own convenience. 

Aroma Diffuser

MUJI Large Aroma Diffuser silently diffuses and fill your room with the aroma of your favourite essential oil through the vibration generated by its ultrasonic function. It is flame free and safe to use with children and pets around. Designed for low-noise operation, the aroma diffuser can also be used as an indirect room lighting to create a relaxing ambience.

Cotton Towels

MUJI believes towels are a simple indulgence that everyone deserves. Our towels are available in various thickness, sizes and colours; suitable for different lifestyles and purposes.

Soft Polyethylene Storage

Our Soft Polyethylene Cases are made with a flexible material that is suitable for children’s use, as well as placed in kitchen or bathroom with its water repellent and oil blocking features. With compatible lids and its ability of tolerating a wide range of temperatures, the cases are useful for food storage even inside a refrigerator.

Polypropylene Storage

Compact and space saving, our PP Storage range allows you to get the most out of your productivity space. With the range, you can choose from a variety of sizes and combine them freely to match your study and workspace. Incorporate storage cases of different height together for easy organization of items such as stationery, books and more.