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"The Story of Linen"


From 10,000 years ago, and from today on, linen leads us through life…

While MUJI is concerned with designing and creating beautiful linen clothing and homewares, we also appreciate the long and fascinating history of this fabric, hence highlighting its natural state. Knowing that people many centuries ago wore linen clothes, slept on linen bedding, and used linen tablecloths is somehow reassuring. It creates a sense of continuity in all of us.

Most MUJI linen products, clothing as well as household goods, have been manufactured with 100% pure linen. One can feel the pureness of linen against their skin. Our linen clothes are perfect for everyone.

Unbleached, Natural Colour

The term "natural" for linen and hemp does not refer to their colour but the fact that they have not been bleached. To allow our customers to enjoy materials in their natural state and in view of the environmental pollution caused by bleaching, MUJI is pleased to offer a range of items made with natural materials.

Durable, Breezy Everyday Clothing

Linen is one of the strongest fibers in nature. As linen fibers become stronger when moist, you can look forward to a softer material and deeper texture the more you use and wash linen fabric.

Environmentally Friendly

Linen is derived from fast-growing plants that can be cultivated sustainably with almost no pesticide and little water. These plants also improve the quality of the soil in which they grow, making linen an environmentally friendly material.

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