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MUJI Artist Collaboration: Introduction to Alison Hui


MUJI Australia has collaborated with local independent artist Alison Hui for our latest Back to School campaign. Her playful style will bring a vibrant energy to our MUJI stores as shoppers begin the new year by browsing our iconic stationery and other products. She even created an exclusive MUJI-themed sticker sheet that will a free gift to anyone who purchases a diary or calendar this month!

We thought we'll introduce our guest collaborator by asking her a few questions that gives us an insight to her art and affinity with MUJI. 

Tell us about yourself.
Hi, I'm Alison, an Architecture graduate navigating the design world by day and transforming into an independent illustrator and small business owner by night. My passion lies in translating the beauty of everyday moments into vibrant illustrations and turning them into adorable stationery products.

How would you describe your art style and what you do?
My art is a celebration of the little joys in life, expressed through vibrant colours, playful geometries, and the simplicity of lines and shapes. It's a therapeutic process for me, a way to destress and connect with my inner child. By bringing these illustrations to life in physical products like stickers, my goal is to inject a dose of cuteness and fun into the lives of others.

Why do you think people gravitate towards your illustrations?
I believe the vibrant colours and the playful humour in my illustrations resonate with people. The boldness of the colours and the simplicity of shapes create a fun and engaging visual experience that connects with the audience on a personal level.

Has MUJI been part of your daily and creative life?
Absolutely! MUJI stationery has been a constant in my life since high school. The simplicity and functionality of your products, especially the planners, have always appealed to me. The neutral background provides flexibility for my sticker obsession, turning everyday items into personalized works of art.

You also co-founded Mellow Art, can you tell us a bit more about that?
Cindy (my co-founder) and I established Mellow Art in 2022 out of our shared passion for art and stationery. We recognized the underestimated design behind them and sought to create a community for like-minded individuals. Our love for journaling as a form of self-expression led us to encourage others to do the same. We also aspire to support small businesses, providing them with exposure in our community.

What advice would you share to other artists?
Believe in yourself and stay true to your unique style. The art world is vast, and it's easy to get lost in trends and expectations. Embrace what makes your art special and let it be a true reflection of who you are. Your authenticity will resonate with others, creating a deeper connection with your audience and making your work stand out in the crowd.





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